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About FACE

Foundation for Audiovisual Commerce & Engineering

FACE is a full-service provider for the AV Industry.
We supply a wide range of solutions and services throughout Europe and beyond from our headquarters in Boom, Belgium.

FACE functions through various divisions, catering to the Professional AV and MI market.

A team of skilled AV specialists is adept at crafting solutions for diverse spaces like theme parks, corporate environments, museums, theatre, and stages.

Leveraging a wide array of audio and visual tools, FACE delivers top-notch hardware, software, and services. Drawing upon years of experience in AV applications, their dedicated team plans and executes solutions to breathe life into performances, installations, and concepts.

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A little bit of history...


Ampco Belgium was founded by Karel De Piere and Eric De Bruijn, who joined the venture through his company Ampco Audio Products.

The company started distributing professional audio equipment for the entertainment market and represents widely known brands such as Martin Audio, Midas Consoles, BSS and AKG. 


Candela was founded as a daughter of Ampco, aiming to expand the distribution business to professional lighting equipment.

Candela quickly gained the confidence of manufacturers such as Vari*Lite, MA Lighting and Major- which represented a solid portfolio for the rental broadcast and theatre market. 

Around this time both Ampco and Candela also started to focus on system integration and installations.


Ampco and Candela join the Ampco Flashlight Group, which has various companies branching out in Sales, Rental and Technology divisions.

The group continues expansion in the Benelux, Germany, France and Romania. All Audio-Visual techniques are supplied with a large focus on the entertainment market.


The Belgian Sales divisions of the group decide to become independent and Karel De Piere acquires 100% ownership and sells his stake in the Ampco Flashlight Group. 

Ampco and Candela focus 100% on sales and serve the market through their distribution, project and dealer branches, respectively representing the Audio and Lighting side of the business.


FACE is born out of the merger of Ampco Belgium and Candela. A "joined" audio-visual sales company will strengthen the market position and increased synergy and more efficient service benefit both the company and its clientele.

FACE specializes in Audio, Lighting and Video and supply hardware, software and services to professionals, the project market and a network of dealers active in the entertainment, communication and architectural markets.


The concept of ESP is born;  an outsourcing division for manufacturers who want to get connected to the European market.

Meanwhile the classic FACE activities are expanding outside Benelux to the rest of Europe.


To support the company's growth new satellite sales divisions are set up in The Netherlands and Germany. FACE and ESP develop a new digital strategy and move into B2B E-commerce activities to better support the larger market.


During both previous years, FACE initiated various joint ventures with several overseas MI brands. Our sales team grows further with a sales representative in Spain and France.


To serve and expand the Italian market an additional team member has joined our sales team for the MI brands. This way FACE can run an efficient operation in Italy.

We are still expanding as a company in as well people as skillset in the marketing, finance and technical departments.