Webinar: How to overcome old fixed installation limits at Plopsaqua waterpark

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Powersoft is offering some free webinars where one of them will be given by our Project Division Manager Steven Kemland. Steven will look at the challenges and limits with fixed installations and how to overcome them from an integrator point of view.

Steven Kemland, an industry veteran specialising in theme parks, theatres, and corporate venues, will use the recent Plopsaqua park installation project as a case study, and together with the park’s technical director, will highlight the complexity of the site’s layout while providing insight into the previous setup and its main limitations. Further topics will include an overview of quick power saving techniques, the advantages of a single DSP platform, and possible future integration of the operator view and remote operator view in Powersoft’s Armoniá software.

This webinar will provide a unique opportunity for audio professionals who want to leverage amplifier technologies and optimise their advanced tools for problem solving in field applications. The webinar includes a fully produced video with Steven explaining the use of the technology followed by a live Q+A session where he will answer attendees’ questions. 

  • Date: 8th November
  • Time: 3.00 pm CET
  • Language: English
  • Lecturer: Steven Kemland

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