Plopsaqua - Indoor wild water park

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Plopsa has expanded it's already extensive range of parks with an indoor wild water park. The park accommodates a 25m disco pool, disco slide, outdoor pool, sauna, sliding tire, snorre's slide, jacuzzis, tjure's slide, viking race, wild river, toddlers pool and the amazing sky drop slide. But thé attraction playing every other hour is the storm bath.

A storm bath you ask? What could be so special about that? Well, it's not any other ordinary storm bath. It's a full audio-visual experience featuring an 18 channel surround thunder storm and matching light(ning) show making it the most anticipated show of the visit.

Spread across the other plopsa parks are already 7 Peavey Media Matrix nions deployed, so the obvious choice was of course to use a nion (nx dante) to control the system counting 24 outputs with more than 60 loudspeakers.

To get the most out of the 16 custom chlorine proof Renkus Heinz CFX81 speakers and get a bewildering sound spectacle a TiMax Soundhub2 dante was used to program the entire sound show. Its ability to delay in each crosspoint and make seamless transitions between sound images is what made this show possible.

To minimize cost the show was then recorded using Motu's Digital Performer and is being played back on a dante enabled SFX pc, controlled by the nion of course.

Packing 8 channels of 500W power in only 2 rack units and their ability to drive 100v loudspeakers directly the Powersoft Ottocanali 4K4 where the ideal amplifier for this project. Due to their small size the entire system only occupied 12 rack units.

Despite the complexity and amount of controls and functions, the user interface has been custom designed for ease of use and flexible day to day operation thanks to the Peavey Mediamatrix kiosk application.

The result? An amazing water park with a spectacular sound show!