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Wireless Solution Sweden debuts its 5th Generation of Wireless DMX products – this new range includes Triple-Band technology, improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping, data-safe and invisi-wire improvements and a redesign of some of the series.

New features in G5

  • Double-up: In G5 you can double the amount of DMX universes transmitted – this is available on all ranges but the Micro. Each F-1 can now transmit up to two universes, and up to four universes on the F-2 series.
  • Personal Connectivity: Generation 5 allows users to connect their personal devices via Wi-Fi and use third-party control apps like Luminair to control their fixtures. Personal connectivity is great for smaller events where it doesn’t demand a control desk to operate the show.
  • Triple-Band: Triple Band allow DMX and RDM data to be transmitted on the 2.4 GHz and the less congested 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands at the same time. Together with Adaptive Frequency Hopping, W-DMX stands out as the most reliable and superior slots right into your existing network.
  • G3 & G4S Compatible: W-DMX G5 units are all compatible with the previous G3 and G4 products meaning that the newer equipment slots right into your existing network. 

Micro Series G5

The new Micro Series present a sleek design packed with new features. All Micro units are still using standard AA batteries but with an increased life-time that runs up to 10 hours. The COB antenna design is fine tuned, resulting in an extended range between devices. The new SMT mounted antenna is expected to get up to 30% longer distance than G4. This is in combination with higher sensitivity of the receiver.

Another feature that has been asked for is the use of a standard power supply. In G4 we use a 12V power-supply with RJ45 connector. In G5, it’s changed to a standard 5V Micro USB connector. This means that if you misplace your power-supply you can easy find one in any phone shop. We have also added a Kensington lock so you can protect them from getting stolen or to be used as safety wire if hanged on truss.

WhiteBox Series G5

Wireless Solution was the first manufacturer to introduce a full IP65 box – the new WhiteBox presents itself as a hybrid between an installation-box and rental-box for outdoor use. It features a new slim design, very similar to the BlackBox series. There’s an M10 thread for a standard C-Clamp so it can be truss-mounting, and also safety-wire clip-point. They changed the plastic cable glender to stainless-steel, improving the input-cable rating from IP65 to IP67. They also made a stronger lid with 6 screw-points instead for 4 points. All together with these new features we can present a very robust design and an increased approved rating of IP66.

Wireless Solution Seminar

Wireless Solution's David Ferraz will give an introduction on wireless DMX, especially on the new Generation 5 on February 16, 2017. David will share some tips and tricks of wireless DMX and there will be a hands-on session in the afternoon.

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