Sensational Kid Noize show at AB with Martin Audio WPC system

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“When we heard Kid Noize was playing in the Ancienne Belgique, an Iconic venue where 100’s of bands pass each year, we knew we had to make a statement!

"We know the main hall can sound amazing, as it was purpose built as a concert hall and acoustics have been taken into account during the construction. Uniform coverage with a wide dynamic reach would be key to make the experience sensational.” explains Coulisses events co-owner Alexandre Bosman, who is the sound engineer for the Kid Noize shows..

Alexandre had already used the WPC system in previous shows and was immediately blown away with the detailed high end. “With electronic dance music, there is so much happening in the area between 2500 and 9000 hertz, and the Martin Audio WPC gives me the freedom to express and actively explore that area of the spectrum. Coupled together with the giant headroom in the mid frequencies

The system feels like a giant studio monitor revealing all the details you want while still giving you the punch in the vocal range.

These qualities not only serve their purpose during Dance genre performances, but we've also experienced next level sound quality during rock and classical music performances.

When we knew we had this job coming, I immediately asked Neel Swinnen as a system engineer, as we know he has the same vision as we do”.

Neel Swinnen comments: “ for the AB, a hall I know very well, I know there are 2 key components for a good sounding show. The first one is coverage. People who want the full bodied show will walk to the front rows to feel the music. But the people who take a seat in the back want the same experience, just at a reduced level. Kid Noize has a very broad audience, spanning from hardcore young fans to grandparents visiting with their grandchildren. I want them all be able to experience the same show and WPC is the best weapon of choice to accomplish this. The second key component for this show is dance-ability. With 10 SXH218’s in an ARC, I was sure I could get the right coverage. Starting at 32 Hertz, we have place to tune the low end. We have enough punch with a very good spread across the hall. Ease Focus gave me the possibility to really tune my setup before entering the venue, which was necessary as we only had 1.5 hours to setup. Display was used to match the sub spread to the tops, so that everyone had the same experience, the same sound, but there was still room to ‘hide’. From the first to the last row of the balcony, everybody had all the detail, all the sub and all the finesse of the mix. The mixer could mix at total comfort without having to max out the system. He didn’t have to “squeeze” or “mix with the system”. The system just remains flat and uncompressed, delivering the goods to the audience the way Alex intended. »

After the concert, the artist himself commented: “as my audience ranges from children to grandparent, there are always people thinking it’s too loud or too soft. Whenever I play on the Martin audio system, I never get complaints on the sound.

It is never too loud, and never too quiet. Everybody always understands every word I say and hears every filter I turn. As an artist, this is really reassuring. It gives me the possibility to focus on my performance.

I don’t have to work to get the message through. »

Visit the website of Kid Noize here

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