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‘To infinity and beyond’, at lightning speed Max Colombie managed to use his momentum in the music scene to work his way to the top. A sold-out Sportpaleis in Antwerp became his playground. To get the lightshow to perfectly match his repertoire, Jan De Keyser’s Magic Office reached out to Cate Carter. In control of a great lighting rig, controlled by MA Lighting consoles, she created the most stunning and diverse looks.

Amazing how diverse the looks can be per song, using a well-balanced rig with amongst others numerous Ayrton Magic Panels delivered by Art of Confusion.

‘The Magicpanels are very punchy, but can be used very subtle as well, that is why I love to work with them’ - Cate

Cate who has taken care of the lightshows of ‘Editors, Ellie Goulding and many more, elaborates on her way of working.

“The MA Lighting controller in combination with d3 for video makes it possible to have a good balance between light and video brightness. During the rehearsals we set everything up to have the lights and video completely in sync by using the same triggers. This way we can really go for high end output and this will of course contribute to the complete experience.

The learning curve on the MA lighting controllers might seem a bit more steep compared to others, but once you know the console, the level of customization and control features are unparalleled.”

“The setup we have here in Antwerp makes it possible to have a complete new show for every song. This way you’re able to surprise the audience each time while maintaining a flow throughout the whole show.”

“And most important, for me there is less stress involved because I know we’re running a solid, stable and consistent system. No more improvising during the show because you lose certain connections. Since I work on the MA Lighting controllers, that’s a thing of the past.”

Cate Carter
(©Frank Lambrechts )

Oscar and The Wolf
(©Frank Lambrechts - Picturesk.be)

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