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The IO-Desk is a secure support platform for AV professionals. It's equally at home on stage, rocking a small footprint keyboard, synthesizer or drum machine as it is FOH, supporting the mixing engineer's laptop. Unlike other solutions IO-Desk also takes care of the hassle with the power supplies and cabling as well.

While a regular keyboard stand is fine to support a classic keyboard, most of the time it's too wide to support today's very popular small footprint synthesizers. Very often there’s no smaller stand to put the synthesizer on except, and we've seen many setups from chairs and barstools to customer build heavy wooden or steel stands.

So, this is where Triad-Orbit comes with another smart solution; the IO-Desk. Perfectly suited for holding drum machines, compact midi controllers and keyboards, IO-desk allows devices to be securely mounted with the mounting heads, which can be placed throughout the board to allow for endless configuration options.  With the threaded mounting holes and corresponding device fasteners, it doesn't matter which size of device you're using.

Nowadays, many lighting or audio operators are using a laptop; whether it's for controlling a show, running plugins or simply checking the event's schedule and bands cheat sheet. With more and more applications relying on a computer, your machine lives at the heart of the FOH setup, but deserves to be in a secure place. To give your laptop a safe spot at the FOH, it can be placed at the IO-Desk. With it's mounting holes every size of laptop can be mounted and secured.

If there’s only need of an extra display, even that’s possible. When there’s still some place left at the top side of the desk, you can mount your power supply here, if not, the mounting straps allow you to mount your power supply at the bottom of the desk. Cables can be mounted around the mounting heads so they won’t be the downside of the show.


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