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Klik Boks Makes Presentations Wireless! KLIK is the must-have wireless presentation device that belongs in every meeting room, classroom, conference room and anywhere else people meet and share information. By harnessing the wireless technology already in your laptop or mobile device , KLIK cuts the cord and lets you make presentations on your terms.

Klik Boks allows you to present from anywhere in the room and you can use any computer or device, without the need for adapters.

KLIK automatically matches your screen resolution and you can switch between multiple users instantly.

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Key Features:

  • Wireless network display adapter
  • VGA and HDMI display outputs
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n connectivity
  • Analog and Digital audio outputs
  • Wired 802.3 network connection
  • Wireless USB for keyboard / mouse sharing
  • Password protected access
  • Conference model for multiple users
  • On-Screen annotation and whiteboard
  • Includes KNKT software client for Win / Mac
  • Suport IOS and Android devices
Klik is designed around a professional-level feature set, but with simplicity of operation at it's core. Just plug in into your existing display with either VGA or HDMI cable and you're presenting in seconds.
Klik can also join your existing wired or wireless network, allowing simultaneous wireless presentation and internet access, all in a secure environment. Whether you set it up yourself or rely on your IT team, KLIK adapts to nearly any configuration you need

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