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VCL teamed up with FACE to create fixture movement with MA Lighting using PosiStageNet, resulting in a continuously changing stage scenery.

Geert Custers together with Jordi Vandekerkhof and Torcuato Sanchez developed a motorised pantograph system that can extend for 6 meters while carrying a fixture load of up to 60kg. This system allows for synchronised or individuals movement during light shows. By using the system a whole new layer of creativity comes in play. As a light designer you no-longer have to place your fixtures in fixed positions. Every song performed on stage can have its own scenery by programming different setups and movements via PosiStageNet on a GrandMA.

Vincent Clerinx from VCL saw great potential in this system to offer even more creative productions and added it to their rental inventory. For the band Blackwave. VCL productions together with FACE and More To Show put a show together where the pantographs were used at their full potential. Armed with Ayrton Magicblade FX fixtures, the stage of the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels became the playground for a next level creative lighting show.

Vincent Clerinx: "I would like to thank Geert Custers, Jordi Vandekerhof and Torcuato Sanchez for making this happen and pushing the envelope of stage lighting. I would also like to mention Michiel De Clercq as operator, Robbe Boone for the visuals and last but not least the band Blackwave. for their amazing performance and the opportunity to go full force on their latest production at AB."

For more information or technical specs reach out to VCL Productions