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The Visual Productions team presented CueCore2 at Prolight + Sound 2016. The CueCore2 is a lighting controller for permanent installations and is now available at FACE.

The CueCore2 device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts and it’s an easy to program and low-maintenance installation control solution that has a minimal power consumption.

The onboard large memory allows for storing DMX shows which can be downloaded from CueluxPro or recorded from DMX, Art-Net or sACN. Playback can be fully automated and triggered by various IP based protocols including UDP / OSC / TCP. The support of many protocols makes the CueCore2 a very powerful merging device. All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web interface. The CueCore2 includes a 2-universe licence of the CueluxPro Lighting control software and is now available from stock.


  • 2x DMX-512 opto-isolated bi-directional port
  • MIDI in/out
  • 4x GPI port
  • Ethernet port
  • Real-time clock with battery back-up
  • Supports ArtNet, sACN, TCP, UDP & OSC
  • Desktop or DIN Rail mounted
  • Kensington lock
  • Temperature range: -20° C / 50° C
  • PoE Class I

Connection Scheme

Introduction at Prolight + Sound 2016 by Maarten Donath

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