Ultimate Support Partners with FACE for wider EU Distribution and Access

FACE for professionals

FACE for MI Resellers

FACE Project Integration

Belgium based Full Service Provider to the AV Industry to expand premium accessory brand reach throughout Europe

With immediate effect FACE exclusively represents Ultimate Support, Jamstands & Nucleus in the following markets:

Bulgaria | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Hungary | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Malta | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland

The wide range of offerings from US Based MI Industry Accessories company, Ultimate Support Systems, have found a distinctly capable European home thanks to a new partnership with the Foundation for Audiovisual Commerce & Engineering ("FACE"). This arrangement will ensure full availability of sought-after Ultimate Support products and product support not only to a wider network of FACE partnered retailers, but to the vast number of theme parks, corporate environments, museums, theatres and stages actively serviced by FACE’s project and integration division.

"I am deeply confident in FACE’s ability to fully support and expand our presence in the EU market; assisting us with our own goal of ensuring our innovative, premium products are able to meet the demands of customers around the world” - Mike Belitz, CEO Ultimate Support Systems

"We’ve spent the past few years developing relationships with manufacturers who are open to new ways of serving the European market. When Ultimate Support, a brand with a wide variety of offerings and a rich history of innovation, showed interest in our company; it was clear to us that their wide range of accessories, stands, support products, and unique IP would be of great interest to our customers. The brand offers premium solutions to MI Professionals and end-users alike, which share the core values of our company and our customer base. We are honoured and eager to pursue this growth for both of our companies, even in the face of these difficult times. We are up for this challenge!" - Karel De Piere, CEO FACE

For over 40 years, Colorado, USA based Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions that are crafted with unparalleled innovation and quality.

Ultimate Support Press Contact: Paul Nunn
Phone: 1.800.525.5628
Email: paul.nunn@ultimatesupport.com

For further information about these brands. Please check the official website ultimatesupport.com

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