Triad T3 Stand supports Nokia Ozo 360° cam on Conan

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360° video is on a rise for a while now. Recently Conan O Brian had Nokia's brand new $60.000 Ozo camera capturing his show. To ensure the high-tech professional 360° camera was positioned securely, a TriadOrbit T3 stand was used. The T3 provides improved stability over classic stand solutions, and its built in air suspension ensures the valuable camera gets the protection it deserves.

While it's no surprise you shouldn't put a 360° camera on just any stand, supporting a camera like this is not straightforward.

While there are several solutions on the market that provide added stability for such an expensive device, they useally come with an increase in footprint. That's usually not a big issue when it comes to supporting photo or regular video cameras, but if you consider that the viewer can control the the view of the camera- including tilting the screen - things have to be taken into "another perspective".

Triad T3 supporting the Nokia Ozo 360° camera

The T3's relatively small footprint allows the camera to be positioned securely but the stand's feet remain out of the picture. Viewers can tilt the camera up-and down, without any legs showing up in the frame.

To try it for yourself, play the Video below, and use the pan/titl controls to catch the show from any angle. If you're watching the video on your smartphone simply move your device around and let the built-in gyroscope guide your around the studio.

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