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Het Nationale Toneel is one of the biggest theatre groups in the Netherlands and is the City Theatre Group of The Hague. For the production “The Revisor”, which premiered January 18 2016, they used Timax2 Soundhub and Timax Trackers.

“The Revisor” is a perceptive comedy about greediness and frivolity. Fraud cases are described in the daily newspaper and there are strange things happening between government and business officials who use their company credit cards for private purchases. We can be indignant but can we resist the temptation ourselves, when the chance occurs? “The Revisor” will runs from January 12th until March 5th 2016.

For the play, the performers are “tagged” wit a Timax tracker, connected to a Timax2 Soundhub. The setup enables “Sound localisation”, while it runs in the “Koninklijke Schouwburg” and on tour.

The Timax2 control software of the Soundhub-S provides sound designers with an advanced real-time audio show control machine for running live shows and events. The Soundhub system incorporates a scalable multi-channel audio matrix and mix engine to handle multiple sources and zones in a variety of performances.

In combination with the Timax Tracker system, the Timax2 Soundhub aligns the performer’s audio smoothly with their position on the stage with unparalleled accuracy and clarity. For “The Revisor”, they are using a configuration with 20 different tags for all actors on stage who are detected by 4 sensors.


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