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Traveling to Brazil with a complete ballet production is not an easy job. It's a logistic challenge moving the entire cast of dancers, their costumes and props but an even greater task for the lighting crew. Keeping their workflow in tact without compromising on performance, the crew left their ETC Gio desk at home, and instead called on an ETC programming wing to cross the Atlantic.

The Flemish Ballet went to Brazil for a stunning performance. A complete production team is joining the cast, including the lighting crew. Traveling with a ballet production is quite a big project. Luckily the ballet performs an existing play, so on technical level the crew knows beforehand which challenges lie ahead. They can build on the existing set and fall back on a well programmed concept, which allows them to deploy the show in a short matter of time and in remote locations.

The challenge in this one is to find exactly what you need on location. “When traveling to France or Spain, you take a truck or a van and take your own materials along, traveling to Brazil for instance is not that easy“, explains Bruno, Lighting Technician for the Flemish Ballet.

“I would love to work with ‘my’ desk because you don’t need anytime to adapt yourself and the play to the venue and you can avoid stress. At Kunsthuis Ballet Vlaanderen in Antwerp, we use an ETC Gio desk, but it is too big to travel with, especially to Brazil. With a limitation of 5 cases of 32 kg, it wasn't just "size and weight" that forced us to look for another lighting console”, continuous Bruno.

We found a light and compact solution with ETC’s Programming Wing. The wing uses the familiar Gio desk layout, so you can get to work immediately – no need to hunt for keys or workflows. With the Programming Wing, you get the freedom of mobile programming without missing out on control features. Each wing includes playback and fader controls, parameter encoders, level and rate controls as well as DMX512-A/RDM and MIDI In/Out outputs.

ETC Eos programming wing

ETC Gio desk