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After a complete make-over of the general lighting in the building, the auditorium could not stay behind. Old dimmers and halogen lighting needed to make place for a new contemporary installation.

‘Besides making the transformation to LED, we also need to make sure that non technical users, like our teachers can easily operate the system.’ This was the main take-away that described the needs from the project according to Lieven Minten, Co-ordinator and Chief of the conservatory of Mechelen.

A simple fader module to adjust the lights was kept in place, so the users did not have to learn a new user interface. Old halogen spots are replaced by LED alternatives from the brand Spotlight. 8 PC LED 100 WW provided the ideal solution for this, while maintaining the same effect and usability, every show in the auditorium is provided with perfect lighting. To keep a warm and cosy atmosphere the 3000K model was the preferred choice. 6 OXO colorbeam 90 fixtures fill the scene with color and provide the teachers with all the tools they need to set the stage for musical and theater shows.