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Videohouse, a service provider for TV and multimedia projects, was very interested in testing cabled and wireless Shure KSM8 microphones. With the upcoming show “2 Meisjes op het Strand”, they had a good test case, because the microphones had to conquer the most difficult conditions.

Videohouse is an internationally operating service provider for television and multimedia projects and did the full production of this event and TV programme. Videohouse wanted to test the Shure KSM8 microphone and with this production happening at the beach, there couldn’t be a better test. The KSM8 passed with flying colours in the most difficult conditions at the beach – wind, dust, humidity, salty atmosphere... 

The KSM8 Dualdyne is world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone. The KSM8 has an accurate and flat frequency response which greatly minimizes the need for EQ and processing. There’s a big sweet spot due to the proximity effect control of the second diaphragm and a natural stage bleed and off axis rejection because of a textbook cardioid polar pattern. The KSM8 matches highly diverse voices, which makes it deployable for a wide range of artists necessary at “2 Meisjes op het Strand”.

The musicians used cabled microphones, while the hosts and singers were totally wireless via Wireless Workbench. The two hosts used an Axient microphone with KSM8 capsule in frequency diversity mode to prevent interference problems. The singers used a Shure UHF-R with KSM8 capsule. All in-ear monitors were Shure PSM1000. All sound engineers on site were unanimous: “The KSM8 is a powerful microphone, live sound gets perfectly to the audience and the lack of proximity effect is great.”

Shure PSM1000 and KSM8 for K3 and other singers

To receive a perfect wireless sound, Videohouse placed two of RF Venue’s CP Beam antenna’s on top of the monitoring container. The CP Beam antenna is a high performance, directional UHF antenna in a lightweight, portable package. 9 dBd of gain makes it an ideal choice for long range applications.

Glenn Willems and David Vercauteren working on the RF Venue antennas

With the Shure Axient rack they did a frequency coordination of several frequencies. The typical Shure Axient rack consists of:

  • AXT400 Dual Channel Receivers
  • AXT900 19” Rack Mount Charging Station
  • AXT620 Roadrack Ethernet Switch
  • AXT630 Antenna Distribution System
  • AXT600 Spectrum Manager
Shure Axient rack

All microphones and RF Venue antennas are placed on Triad-Orbit stands because they cope with wind gusts at the seaside very well.

Belle Perez at "2 Meisjes op het strand"