Spotlight introduces FollowLED 450W at JTSE

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Spotlight is one of those brands who seem to have a continues drive for development of new and improved lighting solutions. At JTSE 2015 in Paris they unveiled their brand new FollowLED 450W for the European market.

This new luminaire is build around a powerful engine which boost an equivalent in output that is higher than a 2500W halogen lamp, and has a lifetime which is 30 times longer. The internal dimming facility in DMX/ RDM, the choice of 16 million of colours and a zoom from 8° to 19°, make this flexible fixture ideal for theatre, TV, concerts and rental companies.

The unit has a powerful RGBW engine which produces bright colours and tunable white from 3000 to 6500K, to suit the most versatile needs and applications. The fixtures combine all the benefits of LED lighting; less power consumption, advanced colour and temperature control etc. without sacrificing in power and output.

Flexibility is an important factor when choosing the right fixture. The spot has the ability to zoom in a range from 8° to 19° in order to use the followspot up to 30m far. The RGBW configuration allows you to mix 16 million of pure colours, and you have variable white colour temperatures from 3000 to 6500K. The 450 range’s Cyan Magenta Yellow configuration is also compatible with subtractive colour systems while hue and saturation are extremely tweakable so you can bring out the most sophisticated nuance.

These more advanced features make the 450W FollowLED a very efficient and powerful solution, which suits a wide variety of applications.



The 450W chip provides more output than the average a 2 kW halogen lamp in white light and matches any 2,5 kW fixtures when it comes to colours.

Main features:

  • Zoom from 8° to 19° in order to use the followspot up to 30m far‍
  • ‍More than 16 millions of pure colours in RGBW configuration
  • ‍Iris diaphragm with blackout
  • ‍Four independent shutters for further adjustment of the beam
  • ‍Dedicated gobo slots for images projections
  • ‍No special power lines required: only 300W normal mains line
  • ‍No external dimmer required. Dimmer is built in the fixture with DMX control
  • ‍No cost for lamps and for their replacements
  • ‍Over 30.000 hours LED life
  • ‍No replacement of faded colour filters: a practically infinite choice of colours directly generated by the LED

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