Shure’s KSM8 as best fit for Helmut Lotti’s voice on Tour

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The man needs no introduction since he conquered the charts all over the globe back in 1995 with his impressive vocal talent, resulting in the ‘Classic’ concert tour. In the beginning of 2017 he started a European comeback tour that will continue throughout 2018.

Before kicking off, Helmut and his crew extensively tested a wide array of microphones but they fairly quickly settled on the KSM8 by Shure. The way this microphone picked up Helmut’s voice in a wonderful yet very natural manner lead Helmut and his team to an easy decision. After consistently enjoying outstanding results on tour during the spring of 2017, both in acoustically dry theatres and reverberant concert halls, they were confident about their choice and knew they could stick with it. 

Audio-wise the production further consists of (among others)

  • Shure PSM-1000 
  • Shure combiner PA421A-E
  • RF Venue CP BEAM antenna
  • Wisycom antennas
  • Shure ULX-D / KSM8
  • ATM350ul
  • ATM350cW
  • AT8035
  • AE3000 
  • AT897 
  • Radial Pro D1 
  • Radial Pro D2

Production Manager Bart Faut and his team at Revolution Event Support are running the Comeback Tour on Dante.

“We would like to thank Mr. Glenn Willems at FACE for his support” 

- Bart Faut

Shure KSM8