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SBE is a company specialised in sound & light solutions. With more productions coming where a bigger and better sound system is needed, SBE invested in 12 Martin Audio MLA Compact loudspeakers.
MLA Compact

SBE uses Martin Audio for a long time. In their rental fleet they have some great audio material like W8, W8LM, F12+ and LE1500. When Stephan Bohez, CEO of SBE first heard the MLA Technology he was deeply impressed.

MLA cellular technology is a breakthrough in the way touring loudspeaker systems are arrayed and controlled. The technology combines ground-breaking cellular array design with fast, automated intelligent software to deliver a dramatically increased level of performance and coverage consistency compared to conventional line array technology. 

The ability to prioritize “hard avoid” areas can be powerful when operating outdoors under strict sound control regulations and in typical summer sheds and tents. In Belgium, country of a lot (city) festivals, this is a great benefit. The system provides an even response throughout the listening area with a deviation as little a couple dB from front to back and a wider-than-usual stereo field. The sound is very clear which is a pleasure for the ear.

MLA Compact is easy to use in terms of hardware as well as software. Even after a short training, the first independent productions were perfectly and in full confidence delivered. The MLA Compact is a powered system, so there’s no need for amplifiers on stage which results in more space for artists as well in the truck or warehouse.

For more information about MLA Technology, you can contact Jeroen Willems or Hugues Rogie or visit