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The RF Venue Optix is a fiber optic remote antenna distribution system which eliminates the need for expensive, fragile, and lossy coaxial cable by converting RF signal into light. The RF Venue Optix is available at FACE for demos.

Unprecedented runs of up to 10,000 meters are possible with nearly lossless transmission over 1310nm singlemode fiber cable. Optix works with any simplex (one-way) 50 ohm radio device between 100 MHz and 1000 MHz.

Each system includes a transmitter and receiver (or two of each for the diversity SKU). The transmitter is deployed at the remote antenna site and converts incoming RF from the antenna into optical signal. The signal travels via fiber optic cable to the Optix receiver module placed near the rack. The receiver converts the optical signal back to RF, and outputs to a BNC connector.

Optix, which is an RFoF technology, is designed for wireless audio receive applications. It has been used in multiple industries in a wide range of signal chain configurations. With appropriate in-line attenuation and re-amplification, it can be used for transmit applications as well.

Quite simply, OPTIX expands the possibilities of what wireless audio can do.

Use RF Optix for single channel or diversity reception