Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 array speakers available for delivery

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Renkus-Heinz introduced the first Iconyx array nearly a decade ago - today they lead the field in digitally steerable loudspeakers. Found in the most demanding projects across the globe. Wherever high quality intelligible sound is required, Renkus-Heinz are in the forefront.

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 steerable speakers are available for delivery, but to find the right array we made an overview.

While other manufacturers are still learning the technology Renkus-Heinz has it down to a science, and Iconyx Gen5 takes it to the next level - Faster, more accurate steering, more robust networking, TCPIP control from third party devices - just a few of the features that make Iconyx Gen5 the new world standard in digitally steered array technology.

Evolving the tried and true Iconyx modular approach Gen5 adds new Master and Slave amplifier modules reducing both cost and complexity. Sharing electrically identical power amplifier circuitry, but without the unnecessary duplication of expensive input connectors and control, Gen5 Slave modules allow the designer to cost optimize the system without compromise.

Iconyx Gen5 Amplifier Modules are built around the same audiophile quality 8-channel power and FIR engine, but with new and improved electonic desigin giving improved performance and reliability.

Beam Steering

Your setup or venue layout might be very specific, but we've made some examples that just might fit your needs.

ground floor

ground floor with slope

long ground floor

ground floor with long slope

very long ground floor

ground floor with slope and second level

•Two Analog Inputs

•AES/EBU Inputs

•RHAON II System Manager

•RJ45 for TCPIP Networked Control

•UniBeam Technology

•3-6dB increase in output level

•Master\Slave Amp Modules

New RHAON II System Manager

RHAON II System Manager has been completely redesigned from the ground up, using highly structured modular code for greater stability and expandability. The result is a new, more robust RHAON technology — faster, more reliable, with a streamlined, intuitive workflow. RHAON II is easy to program, easy to use, and fully compatible with both Gen5 and legacy Renkus-Heinz products.RHAON II’s new, Network agnostic interface has been designed to work with tomorrow's networking protocols as well as today’s. Currently supporting AVDECC IEEE1722.1, Cobranet, and AVB, RHAON II has been structured to allow easy implementation of new and emerging protocols, for example Dante and AES67. Support for multiple NICs, and(where supported) wireless operation makes RHAON II easy to integrate into existing network infrastructure.

BeamWare III

Incorporated directly into RHAON II is BeamWare III, the latest iteration in Renkus-Heinz’ powerful beam steering calculation and simulation program.BeamWare III takes a new, wizard driven approach to beam steering. Gathering basic room and mounting information from the user BeamWare III uses new, enhanced algorithms to automatically calculate the optimal beam design, acoustic centers, and level profiling, giving you reliable, predictable results, fast. For designers who want to create a custom frequency response target curve, RHAON II will automatically optimize and equalize the beams.

UniBeam Technology

With conventional point-source loudspeakers, achieving optimal coverage is a trade-off between distance and accuracy. UniBeam (Universal Beam) technology makes it possible to achieve ideal “Half Horn” coverage, usingICONYX digital beam steering to shape your coverage pattern. Point the top of your beam to the back row, andUniBeam will provide seamless coverage to the front of the room, keeping sound away from upper walls and ceilings.Tune the beam’s opening angle and intensity to the room with a few mouse clicks, with consistent level and tonality across the entire room. UniBeam delivers faster, easier setup with dramatically better results.