Radial brings the NAMM mayhem with 15 new products

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By now we know that Radial Engineering is the king of releases at NAMM. 2017 is no exception, as the Canadians bring no less than 15 new products. Among the newcomers are solutions for live sound and studio equipment, each and every one bearing the distinctive Radial look and quality stamp.


The Key-Largo is a Radial first... It is a combination keyboard mixer, DAC, effects loop and remote control in a compact pedal format.

The design begins with three stereo input channels for your analog synths. Each channel is equipped with a level control and an effects send. Then, a 4th input for a USB connection to your laptop to play back audio files and mix them with the live keys. A stereo effects loop lets you add a rackmount delay or reverb to your vintage Mini-Moog or share it with the others and remotely turn on the effects loop using the left onboard footswitch. Stereo direct outputs let you feed your stage monitors while balanced isolated outputs feed the PA system. Amiddle latching footswitch lets you take things one step further with a contact closure that can be used to activate a second effect in the loop. A third momentary footswitch is assigned for sustain, making it easy to connect to your piano patch. Side access MIDI connectors are available to pass-through data and add flexibility.


The Presenter combines a microphone preamp and a USB program input to create the ultimate interface for any presentation, from school lectures to corporate audio. An XLR mic input allows you to connect a podium microphone and power it via phantom power. The mic signal can then be adjusted using three EQ controls: a high-pass filter rolls off excessive low end, and Low and High knobs allow you to tailor the frequency response. A program input level controls the volume of the USB input or the 3.5mm jack on the front of the unit, so you can connect the outputs of your laptop, smartphone, or MP3 player and blend it with the signal from the microphone. XLR outputs provide balanced feeds for a set of powered speakers, providing an all-in-one portable solution for any speaking engagement.


The Backtrack is a compact stereo audio switcher, perfect for bands running redundant backing tracks on stage. Connect both source devices to the Backtrack via ¼" or 3.5mm connectors, and switch between them or mute them altogether using the front panel controls or a JR-2 remote footswitch. A headphone output with level control allows you to check either input at any time, and ¼" monitor outputs feed powered speakers for playback on stage. Dual XLR outputs feed the PA system, and feature a ground lift switch and transformer isolation to prevent buzz and hum from ground loops. The Backtrack lets you easily connect a laptop computer, MP3 player, or recording interface and ensure that even if your primary backing track source fails, the show still goes on.


The MIX2:1 is a simple yet highly useful mixer that passively sums two audio channels down to one. This enables you to easily sum the stereo outputs of a console, recording interface, or portable playback device down to mono. You can also combine two separate signals, matching the input levels between them. Inputs can be accessed via XLR or ¼" connectors, allowing you to use balanced or unbalanced sources. Each input features an on/off switch, variable level control, and a ground lift to prevent buzz and hum, should the inputs come from two separately powered sources. Input-2 also has a polarity reverse switch to eliminate cancellation if the two signals are out of phase. Should level adjustments be unnecessary or unwanted, a level control bypass switch is available to defeat both level controls. The MIX2:1 maintains the integrity of your audio quality, with minimal insertion loss, no phase shift, and completely passive summing.


The SAT-2 is a stereo audio attenuator and monitor controller, providing an adjustable level control wherever you need it. To use the SAT-2 as a monitor controller, connect it between your playback device and a pair of powered speakers for a number of useful features. In addition to an overall level control, there is also a dim switch with an adjustable level, plus mono sum and mute switches. Inputs are accessed via ¼" or XLR connectors, for balanced or unbalanced operation, with outputs on XLR connectors. In the studio, the SAT-2 can be used to attenuate signals before sending them to your audio interface, so you can drive your mic preamps hard for coloration without worry of clipping the inputs of the recording device. Compact, rugged, and completely passive, the SAT-2 is a simple yet powerful device for your audio toolbox.

LX-2 & LX-3

The LX-2 and LX-3 are passive line-level splitters that distribute a balanced audio signal to multiple destinations noiselessly. Both units feature premium Jensen isolation transformers for exceptional audio quality, and XLR/¼" combo inputs for easy connectivity. The LX-2 has two XLR outputs, one of which is transformer-isolated to prevent buzz and hum from ground loops. It also features a trim control to attenuate the input, allowing you to reduce the level from hard-driven mic pre's to avoid clipping the input of a recording interface, or use in any situation where you need to tame the signal level. The LX-3 has three XLR outputs, two of which are transformer isolated, as well as an input pad to handle extra-hot signals. Both units have ground lifts on each XLR output to further reduce buzz and hum from ground loops, ensuring that the signal reaches each destination noise-free.


The DiNET DAN-TX is the worlds first Dante™ enabled stereo direct box.Equipped with ¼", RCA and stereo 3.5mm input jacks, the DAN-TX allows the user to connect instruments or line level sources directly to networked audio systems using the Dante protocol. The DAN-TX features 24bit/96kHz analog to digital conversionto provide the highest audio quality, and a local 3.5mm headphone output provides the means to quickly test audio.

The DiNET DAN-RX is a 24bit/96kHz digital to analog endpoint that allows the user to output audio from a Dante™ network to stereo systems. The DAN-RX is equipped with left and right balanced XLR outputs with a level control that allows for connectionto microphone inputs up to +4dBu line level systems. A local 3.5mm headphone output is provided to test or monitor audio before connection to the PA system.


The Radial Beacon is a compact LED indicator for use in recording studio live rooms and isolation booths. Designed to work in conjunction with the Studio-Q™, the Beacon lights up when the talkback mic is engaged, providing visual feedback to musicians when the engineer/producer is talking, and letting anyone without headphones on know that the talkback is live. Eight ultra-bright LEDs ensure that the Beacon is easily visible anywhere in the room, and a dim switch can be engaged to lower the output of the LEDs. Connection to the Beacon is made via a 2-position Phoenix® connector, which ships with the unit. This can be affixed to a length of cable with a ¼" connector at the other end to link to the Studio-Q. Pre-drilled mounting holes allow for quick and easy installation of the Beacon anywhere in your studio for maximum visibility.


The Cab-Link provides an easy way to connect one amp head to two speaker cabinets, allowing you to connect cabinets in series or parallel configurations as required. Completely passive and requiring no power, the Cab-Link is compact and can sit on top of your amp or be tucked in the back of a speaker cab. Both cabinets are connected via speaker cables to outputs A and B, and an easy-to-use guide on the top of the Cab-Link lets you know which input to connect your amp to, depending on the impedance ratings of your cabinets. A line out provides additional functionality, providing the option to run the signal to another amplifier or pedal chain.

Switchbone V2

The Switchbone V2 may well be the ultimate ABY/C guitar amp switcher. This device lets you switch and combine up to three guitar amplifiers without introducing distortion, switching noise or hum into the signal path. Most importantly, the Switchbone V2 will retain the natural tone and feel of your instrument so that your natural playing style shines through.

North Star

Designed for today’s new breed of rock-oriented country players, the North-Star is both an overdrive and a high-output power booster combined in one versatile and compact pedal.

The overdrive circuit in the North-Star is capable of providing an array of tones, varying from subtle chunk to singing distortion. The Drive and Level controls provide adjustments over the amount of distortion and the output to your amp, so you can balance how much drive you get from the pedal vs. breakup from your amp. Combined with a variable Class-A Booster capable of +24dB of clean gain, you can use the North-Star to dial in the perfect not-too-dirty, not-too-clean semi-broken up tone, or push your sound to the extreme. Used on its own, the Booster section can provide easy transitions from rhythm to lead, as the separate Boost footswitch automatically engages the built-in effects loop, bringing your favourite analog delay pedal into the signal chain.


The Texas-Pro is a compact but extremely powerful dual-function pedal, providing a versatile overdrive circuit as well as a high output signal booster. These two features can be used on their own or in combination, giving you a wide range of tonal options, with the power to cut through when soloing or hit the front end of your amp harder for natural sustain and harmonics.

Hot-British V9

The Hot-British V9™ is an updated solid-state version of the venerable Tonebone Hot British™ tube distortion pedal. Packed into a pedalboard-friendly compact chassis, the Hot-British V9 retains the same soul and character of the original, with the ability to be powered by standard 9V pedalboard power supplies.

Under the hood, a Class-A buffering circuit gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance, allowing you to drive pedal chains and longer cable runs efficiently. The Hot-British V9 also features multiple tone shaping stages to provide you with total control over your sound. The Drive control sets the overall distortion amount and input level, so you can apply a touch of grit and tube-like saturation, or crank it up for screaming lead tones. Next up, the Contour knob augments the character of the distortion, to vary it between warm, fat textures and brighter tones with more 'air'.


The Regency is in fact two pedals in one. The first is the pre-drive – a high output, low distortion overdrive that is used to add extra saturation to the amp without muddying up the tone. This features a drive control, adjustable tone and a level control. A 3-position low-mid switch further refines the tone by allowing the artist to tailor the bottom end to suit. When in play, the pre-drive adds natural sustain and harmonics. The second is a 100% discrete class-A boost that delivers up to +18dB of gain. A built-in effects loop automatically activates when the boost is engaged, allowing the artist to turn on his delay at the same time when soloing. This not only improves on-stage efficiency; it also helps to deliver a better performance. Both the pre-drive and the boost may be used at the same time, should absolute power be needed.


The EFX-Bumper is a compact solution for guitar players who use multiple effects pedal loops, but have limited pedalboard space. The EFX-Bumper can switch between up to four pedals or groups of pedals, using a single footswitch to cycle between the loops. This allows you to connect a wah pedal to loop-1, distortion to loop-2, modulation to loop-3, and chorus and delay pedals to loop-4; activating a loop is as easy as hitting the Loop Select footswitch until the LED for the desired loop illuminates. Multiple loops can be engaged at the same time, using 3-position assign switches that determine which combination of loops activate together. A second footswitch can be set to engage all loops at once, or bypass them completely. Compact and rugged, the EFX Bumper is built with 14-gauge steel and heavy duty connectors and switches, and is powered via a standard 9V power supply.