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De Koninck – Antwerp City Brewery is one of Antwerp’s most important points of interest. The famous “Bolleke” beer is brewed here and since September 2015 they opened an experience room to reach out to a bigger audience. FACE was tasked to match great acoustics with great traditional beer.

The Antwerp City Brewery opened their doors for a bigger audience to tell the story of our famous Belgian Beers and Antwerp as a great beer city with its own city brewery. To optimise the rooms, they were looking for better acoustics without ruining the beautiful architecture.

“When going through a museum, you want the sound to be clear and without noise of the next part of the story. Because the museum is situated in an old building and the acoustics where not optimised yet, it was very hard to listen to the story of that particular part”, explains Steven Kemland, Manager Project Division of FACE. Brewery De Koninck wanted to create an excellent experience for their visitors so they contacted FACE to look out for a good solution.

“While observing the different rooms, it was clear they needed an advanced set of acoustic panels for a superior sound. The panels of Primacoustic are especially made for rooms where excellent acoustic sound is needed. The panels are available in different colours so that made it possible to choose for a colour which blends perfect with the walls and ceilings”, continues Steven.

The museum consists of various rooms with different shapes and furniture. Primacoustic’s Broadway Panels are made in various dimensions and are applicable on walls and ceilings, so we could use the same style of panels in all rooms. With a minimum use of walls and ceilings, the troubled acoustics is fixed. “We are very pleased with the panels. Taking the tour and telling people about our beloved beers is now pleasant to listen about”, concludes Anik Van Bellegem of Antwerp City Brewery.