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For those not familiar with Pedaltrain brackets, they are a simple solution for mounting a power supply underneath a pedalboard. The installation is quick, and the added real estate on your pedal board is appreciated. In the past, Pedaltrain had two types of brackets: BRKT and UBKT.

The BRKT were specially designed kits for all Voodoo Lab Power Supplies. The BRKT kit was split into two sizes; BRKT-1 (for PT-JR, PT-1, and PT-2) and BRKT-2 (for PT-3, PT-Pro and Grande). Pedaltrain included a BRKT bracket kit free of charge with every model sold.  

The UBKT bracket kits were our universal mounting solution for most other brands of power supplies.  Like the BRKT, the UBKT came in two sizes: UBKT-1 (for PT-JR, PT-1, and PT-2) and UBKT-2 (for PT-3, PT-Pro and Grande). The UBKT kits were available for purchase as an optional accessory. As mentioned above, Pedaltrain included the BRKT brackets free of charge with your Pedaltrain upon purchase.  At the time this decision was made, Voodoo Lab was the only game in town for professional power supplies, so it made sense to include a BRKT kit with each Pedaltrain. Voodoo Lab is still a major market leader in power supplies (among other cool high quality gear) and they are dear friends of ours.  However, there are now so many options for power supplies that we had to revisit our tradition of including a BRKT kit with each Pedaltrain.

Over the years, we noticed our customers throwing away the BRKT included with their Pedaltrain and either top-mounting their power supply, mounting the power supply under their Pedaltrain with dual-lock fastener, or buying a UBKT for a different brand of power supply.  

This waste began to bother us.

We asked ourselves: How can we eliminate waste and be better stewards of the environment? What is the best way to meet customer needs? How can we continue to resist price increases despite the costs of manufacturing going up? Additionally, we were designing all new Pedaltrain models and wondered if we could create a one-size-fits-all bracket solution.

In the end we decided that the best way forward was to redesign the under side of every Pedaltrain model so that one bracket would fit all sizes and series.  We also decided that we would leave it up to the individual to buy the bracket they needed if they needed one at all.

So here we are.  

We designed a new one-size-fits-all power supply mounting bracket system: The Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit (PT-VDL-MK), and the Universal Mounting Kit (PT-UNI-MK). These bracket systems will be available for purchase as needed, but will not be included with your Pedaltrain. You will be able to use the new brackets on the Classic, Novo, and Terra boards with ease.

For those of you that really want the nitty-gritty detail, the new brackets are actually the same size as the old BRKT-2 and UBKT-2.  We adjusted the underside of the smaller Pedaltrain pedal boards to fit these brackets and decided to rename them for clarity moving forward.  If you already have a BRKT-2 or UBKT-2 bracket kit, they will work on all Classic, Novo and Terra models.

We know that there are Voodoo Lab power supply loyalists who will be disappointed by this decision. We understand.  Our decision should not be viewed as a slight against Voodoo Labs as they are our friends and have our highest respect.  Some will say we are just trying to incentivize people to buy our own power supply. Honestly, that is not the case.  Some others will say we are just being greedy and penny-pinching tightwads. Well, if you saw how little we make on bracket sales you would wonder why we make them in the first place.

And that, friends, is the definitive word on Pedaltrain power supply mounting brackets.