O-line for KU Leuven Auditorium Pieter De Somer

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After a previous Renkus-Heinz Iconyx installation in one of the oldest auditoriums, the Catholic University of Leuven chose again for FACE to install another sound installation. This time for Leuven's largest auditorium: 'Pieter De Somer'

The purpose of the installation was to cover the whole room with a compact line array. This seemed to be the perfect job for Martin Audio's O-line. 12 O-line cabinets were wall mounted on every side of the auditorium. Because of the compact size of the array, the system was hardly noticeable once mounted against the wall. The sound coverage over the auditorium was perfect.

Also two subs were included (2 x AQ212), making live music performances or audiovisual presentations possible. The complete sound system is controlled by 2 Powersoft K2 amplifiers with dsp.

Roland's M400 digital table and two stage units with 16I/8O were chosen for the live applications. Because of this only a cat5 cable was needed for the connection between stage and direction.