New Martin Audio monitors for CC De Herbakker in Eeklo

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The Cultural Center of Eeklo, De Herbakker, was looking for new monitors. They already have a Martin Audio installation in the main hall and to replace their old monitors, they choose for Martin Audio XD12.

Cultural Center De Herbakker in Eeklo has two venues. The theatre hall with 380 seats and a polyvalent hall with 200 seats or 400 pitches. The theatre hall is already provided with a full Martin Audio installation (W8LM, WS18X, WT2, WT15), but they were still using old Focal monitors which were on their way out.

Martin Audio XD12

To replace their old Focal monitors, they chose for 8 Martin Audio XD12. The XD12 is a high-power, high-output, two-way system equally suited to portable live sound applications, theatre and fixed installations. It features a high-specification 12” (300mm) low frequency drive unit and a 1” (25mm) exit compression driver mounted on a user-rotatable 80° x 50° constant directivity horn. They can be used as monitor as well as front speakers. For easy transportation, they also added four wheel panels to their spectrum.

Providing the XD12’s of some power, they invested in 2 3U Omni Case stage racks with a Powersoft M50Q HDSP+ETH. The M50Q HDSP+ETH is an incredibly flexible, cost-effective solution for small to medium sound systems. The M50Q HDSP+ETH provides unparalleled levels of control and monitoring through the Armonia Pro Audio Suite software. They chose the 3U Omni Case stage racks because they are easily stackable and with a closed back there’s still enough ventilation for the amplifiers.


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