New GigaCore 2.3.0 Firmware

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Luminex is very delighted to present you the brand new 2.3.0 firmware for the entire GigaCore range. As you may know, the GigaCore switches already are the industry's standard in terms of simplicity, versatility and power when it comes to audio-visual networking solutions.

With this new firmware, Luminex wants to push the standard even further. Thanks to the new set of feature, the GigaCore switches will help you to get a better control of your network infrastructure, a better manufacturer cross-compliance and a faster ROI.

This is how the new firmware will make it even easier to set-up your AV networks: 

New PoE Output power 

All Power over Ethernet output have been raised up to 160W. (GigaCore 12, 14R, 16Xt and 16 RFO)

Support for PoE+ 

The front ports of the switches now support up to 30W per port (802.3 at compliant). Ideal to connect highly powered devices such as Dante network amplifiers or loudspeakers.

LLDP support for PoE 

The switches now support LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) for enhanced power allocation.

New reset functionality 

The switches now offer three types of reset options managed through the rest button:

  • Reset: The configuration of the switch will be reset, but all profiles remain preserved
  • Reload Default: Once a profile has been defined as default, this one can be recalled through the reset button. This functionality is a must have for rental companies.
  • Factory Reset: The switch will be reset completely and all user data is being deleted.
New rest menu

The web interface now displays the user specific levels of reset.

Default Profile

The user can now define a default profile. This profile can easily be recalled through the reset button.

OK Led indication

The OK LED now offers different indications:

  • Green: All OK
  • Green blink: Writing to flash
  • Orange: Temperature error
  • Green/Red: Flashing new firmware
  • Red blink: Temperature or fan error
 New group colours

Colours have been modified to match the GigaCore 26i groups LEDs colours.

 New PoE bar graph

The PoE bar graph now indicates the allocated power of the powered device, according to its PoE class. The graph indicates the current power usage as well.

Enhanced RPSU connection indication

Colours of the RPSU’s connector on the switch image have been modified to perfectly match the front panel LED’s indication. The connectors now offer the following indicators:

  • Orange: No RPSU connected
  • Green: RPSU connected
  • Red: Power error
New Query Interval (IGMP)

The switch now starts sending 5 General Query messages at start-up, every 15 seconds and then send a General Query message every 125 seconds.

Multicast traffic in a snooped environment

The management of multicast traffic in a snooped environment has been improved

Improved URL and command line for group management

New URLs are available to remotely manage the group’s port assignation.

On the PoE status page

“Primary Power Supply” has been replaced by “Internal PoE supply”
“Backup Power Supply” has been replaced by “RPSU”

When the RPSU takes over, the available power from the RPSU is indicated in red in the PoE status page.

Download the New GigaCore 2.3.0 Firmware here
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