Martin Audio launches weatherised version of CDD: CDD-WR

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CDD-WR is the weatherized version of the popular dedicated install CDD Series. CDD-WR loudspeakers and CSX-WR subwoofers are designed for outdoor operation.

Featuring patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology, the CDD-WR range delivers improved coverage and consistency, with the need for fewer speakers than those with traditional fixed dispersion X° x Y° horns, and is designed for outdoor operation where it will be subject to changing environmental conditions, but sheltered from direct exposure to the elements. Weatherised mounting brackets are also available.

CDD-WR loudspeakers meet a rating of IP54 and feature a weatherised water resistant grille made from zinc plated mild steel with a powder coated finish. CSX-WR subwoofers in the series have an IP24 rating and feature a zinc plated mild steel grille with powder coated finish, plywood cabinets with polyurea finish and are flyable with stainless steel fixings.

Martin Audio Product Manager, David Morbey, commented: “Architects had already seen the value of CDD’s discreet design and fewer speakers. Now with the introduction of CDD-WR we can extend the same benefits of consistent coverage to outdoor environments including outdoor stadia, transport hubs, concourses and theme parks.”

More information at Martin Auidio Weatherised Versions