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Getting all venues in their portfolio to operate on a single lighting control solution- that's the decision the technical team of 30CC in Leuven(BE) made in 2014. However, the obvious question to impose itself then was "which platform should that be?"

As a first reference point they held an enquiry among their visiting performers and technicians, asking for their preferred choice in lighting consoles. This resulted in a rather wide variety, but significantly MA Lighting's GrandMA2 appeared to be a popular name on the list.

A demo convinced the centre's in-house crew of the platform's capabilities, and 30CC opted to equip all of their venues with MA Lighting consoles.

The "30CC/Schouwburg" now proudly rocks a GrandMA2 Ultralight , including an optional faderwing and "30CC/Minnepoort" and "30CC/Wagehuys" both run a GrandMA2 onPC Command wing and also share an additional onPC faderwing.

About 30CC

30CC provides a continuous stream of cultural activities and performing arts in the city of Leuven (BE). - their name refs to the city's postal code (3000). They are a prominent player in the Flemish cultural landscape and offer a unique palette of shows and events to attract a crowd of all ages. More information on