Luminex Firmware Gigacore update V2.8.4

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Update of the Gigacore firmware with new features and fixes to improve the Gigacore software.


• Improved tolerance on PoE

PoE devices detection is made less strict. GigaCore now takes multiple detection samples to start outputting power. This results in a more tolerant solution in case PoE devices have a signature which is at the edge of the specification. This fixes the issue with some particular PoE devices not being powered before.

• Added fast-leave for IGMPv3 on CLI

Added fast-leave option for IGMPv3 to be configured via CLI.

• Added Link Local for IP configuration

The IP address of the switch can now be set with a Link Local address. This can be achieved by setting the IP mode directly to Link Local. When using DHCP client mode, Link Local can beset as fall back.

• Added auto reboot option in case of timestamp offset.

Very seldomly and only for following scenario, an offset on the hardware timestamp may occur.When the GigaCore is used with PtPv2 or AVB (gPtP) enabled on fiber ports (Not applicable for copper ports), and if only a small fraction of a packet did already arrive on the fiber port, when the port was disconnected. In that particular event the hardware time-stamping may be offset.GigaCore measures this offset at disconnection and checks if it is faulty. In the rare case it is indeed considered faulty, the only way to recover from this offset is to restart the switch and thus reset the fiber PHYs to eliminate the offset. This is needed to have a synchronized system. Via the utilities web page of theGigaCore, the user can now choose to reboot automatically if this (OutOfSync issue) occurs. By default the auto reboot is disabled. If the offset problem occurs on the fiber port, the port modeLED will blink RED to indicate the problem. A message will also be displayed in Araneo and the web UI of the GigaCore.If the user does not opt for automatic reboot of the switch, then the affected fiber link will automatically get a different path cost in case it concerns a designated port. This means that the link will not be your primary link in case you have a redundant path available (example: ring connection).In case the switch does reboot, a persistent reboot reason will be logged into the switch.

• Improved AVB functionality

Faster gPtP Grand Master propagation.Faster cleanup of ACEs when a talker leaves.


• Fixed communication issue with Dante Audinate devices based on specific deprecated PHY.

Devices with designs based on the deprecated KSZ9031RNXPHY, showed problems setting up a link. This issue has been deeply investigated in close cooperation with reputed audio manufacturers. This close cooperation lead to a complete fix ofPHY settings on the GigaCore switch so that the specific device is now recognized and makes a link which is a 100% stable.

• PoE web UI

The PoE web UI does no longer display rows which were not applicable.

• PoE warnings

Shown only if verbose flag is set (for support purposes).

• IGMP fast leave

Fast leave didn’t work in the setup of two switches (sw1and sw2). With sw1 as querier, and sw2 having the multicast sender and receiver connected to it. sw2 kept forwarding the multicast stream for 2 seconds.

• LCD display

Brightness setting are now being correctly loaded.

• PTPv2 p2p udp peer delay measurement fixed

Delay measurements were not working correctly when in p2p mode.

• Fix memory leak in web API calls

GigaCore could crash after 1-2 days when Araneo was running.


Disable the IGMP querier option when IGMP snooping is disabled.

• GigaCore 12 PoE status LED fix

As there’s no support for backup power on GigaCore 12, thePoE status LED is no longer lit orange when there’s no backup power.

• Fix for failing firmware upgrade

In case the GigaCore web UI was opened from the Araneo tool to do a firmware update, then the firmware update did not complete.

• Fixed bug with aggregation and multicast

When unknown flooding is disabled and the router port is part of an aggregation, not all multicast streams would be forwarded to the Querier.

Release Notes

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