Luminex debuts LumiSplit family of DMX/ RDM Splitters at LDI

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Luminex Network Intelligence will introduce LumiSplit, a new range of robust and powerful DMX/RDM splitters, at LDI 2016, the International Live Design show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 21-23.

LumiSplit is the result of 10 years of experience at Luminex with Remote Device Management. After a decade of building DMX/RDM splitters, Luminex has designed the ultimate family of splitters with multiple, enhanced features. With LumiSplit users will be able to organize and configure their lighting devices like never before.

"LumiSplit takes RDM to the next level," says Larin. "The new boosters are now discoverable and configurable from any RDM controller. Designed with a robust housing with galvanic and optical isolation per outlet, and Neutrik PowerCon True1 connector, LumiSplit is sure to become a favourite for touring and live events."

The LumiSplit family consists of three DMX/RDM splitters in 2.10 rack, 1.6 rack and 1.6 truss versions. Users can easily merge, back up and regenerate their DMX sources directly from the splitter. Each model comes with RGB LEDs for a better status indication and user experience.

Per-port RDM filtering is also offered. The RDM filter per zone (A/B) or per port prevents lighting fixtures from being flooded by undesired RDM packets. All Luminex devices come in a robust housing with galvanic and optical isolation per outlet to make them ideal for touring and live events. LumiSplit is expected to ship in mid-December 2016.

Discover how to take RDM to the next level with LumiSplit at booth 2774 at LDI 2016.

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