LumiCore - Bridging the Gap with 64 Process Engines

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As technology is evolving towards full networked solutions (ArtNet or sACN directly to the fixtures), LumiCore provides all the flexibility of the LumiNode but then directly on the network, with up to 256 input universes merged and routed towards max 128 output universes. All of this with extreme low latency.

LumiCore allows you to merge and route up to 64 x 4 input sources toward 64 newly defined universes. This way, LumiCore becomes the ideal solution to isolate your control setup on a festival, a theater or in a TV studio.


  • Mount one or two units in a 1U rack space
  • The unit is robust and thus ideal for touring applications
  • 64 processing engines.
  • The M10 insert and safety ear make it easy to mount it safely on a truss


  • Rack or truss mountable half 19” unit
  • RGB LED for activity indication
  • 2 x EtherCon network port @ 1Gbps with integrated switch
  • Link/Speed LED indication per Ethernet port
  • RGB Mode LED indication per Ethernet port
  • Color display and control jog for fast configuration
  • Contact closure as trigger
  • PoE powered (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Internal universal power supply with Neutrik PowerCon True1
  • Robust steel enclosure with M10 insert and protection ears


The engine technology allows you to merge in HTP, LTP, Backup,Switch, Crossfade or custom mode, with different triggers that can be assigned even on a per channel basis.In large pixel mapping applications LumiCore is the ideal bridge to merge different control sources into new network streams.

With its split interface possibilities LumiCore allows you to isolate your lighting rig LAN from the IT infrastructure. This allows you to monitor your control infrastructure from the IT department and to centralize show storage on IT side meanwhile sharing these resources over several studios. LumiCore acts as a real bridge and can be deployed in a fully redundant way.

The main house controller(s) and the lighting rig is controlled via universe 1001 – 1128 (128 universes). All the guest consoles are isolated from the rig by sending out universe 1-128.
The main console is setup as trigger source to switch between the different guest sources coming in on the LumiCore and defining who can control the rig (and even which part if split indifferent trigger channels).

The LumiCore will stream the resulting universes toward the stage lighting rig. Here LumiNode’s can convert, if needed, the universes to DMX. The LumiNode’s still acts as your RDM link to your DMX/RDM fixtures. In this way Araneo monitoring software and LumiNet Monitor can be used by the house technicians without releasing this data to the guest consoles.