Lucenti releases important firmware update v1.1.1 for PixlDrive1 controllers

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It’s imperative to execute the update on all PixlDrive1 controllers out on the field and in the warehouses, to guarantee full extended functionality for the latest version of the Blackwave Series, as well as upgraded functions on the first batches of Blackwave.

Updating to v1.1.1 will also prepare the Blackwave PixlDrive1 for future developments and will increase your creative options and compatibility with diverse signal processing protocols.

The update can be done offline by downloading the *.bin file PixlDrive1 Firmware v1.1.1 through the “downloads section” on the Lucenti website.

The binary file can then be uploaded to the controller using the ‘Misc’ tab on the web interface.

The update can also be completed online by connecting your PixlDrive1 to the internet. The PixlDrive1 will automatically search for available updates, and then display a download button that will guide you through the process. This method allows Lucenti to better monitor the update roll-out procedure.

All settings should be retained during the update. It is however strongly advised to perform an ‘Auto Setup’ after the update to make sure all connected pixel bars are properly configured.

Please contact your Lucenti contact in case of any difficulties performing the update to v1.1.1


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