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If you're listening to national radio in Belgium the coming days, chances are you'll be hearing live snippets of the Rock Werchter Festival. “Live Is Life" is the company who is taking care of the mix, and they rely on Shure SRH1840 headphones for the job.

Rotselaar & Betekom based "Outside Broadcast” & "Live Is Life" play the big leagues when it comes to on-site broadcast facilities. Part of their team currently resides in Baku to cover the European Games, they had over 72 camera's rolling at the World Cup in Brazil last year, both their firms have been working on the popular talent show "The Voice", and they're prepping their gear to roll out the daily report on the Tour De France on U.S. based NBC Sports Network.

At the Rock Werchter Festival 2015 Outside Broadcast is providing a "host feed" from the three large stages to all radio & TV stations, with Live is Life as audio partner. This feed is a broadcast quality stereo mix of every act on stage, mixed on-site in a broadcast van backstage. The mix of every show is presented to the bands as a gift, and multi-track recordings are also captured, which may serve for future post-production and publications.

Mixing on near-field monitors in the back-stage area of a festival of this scale can get difficult, due to the large spill of sub-bass leaking into the OB van.

To overcome this problem Live is Life has chosen to have a second mix reference on Shure's SRH1840 professional headphones. The SRH1840 feature individually matched drivers, and with it's crystal clear high-end and accurate bass preproduction it's the perfect reference point.

Besides supreme audio quality the SRH1840 also has a great fit. With its soft velour ear pads it guarantees great listening comfort- perfect for those long production hours.

So if you're singing along to the lyrics of Pharell, Lenny Kravitz, Elbow or Muse at RW15 while driving in your car, now you know why it sounds so great! - After all, we all know you sing in the car... admit it…