Ketnet Kingsize Studio 2015

FACE for professionals

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FACE Project Integration

Ketnet is a Flemish Youth and Kids Television Channel, operating under the wings of the Flemish Radio and television organization (VRT). Recently, they started in a brand new, all LED studio. Light design by Karel Perneel, Studio setting design by Nele Ceustermans

Convinced about the proven broadcast quality of the ETC Source Four LED Lustr+V1 profile in the news studio “Het Journaal” and reinforced by output enhancement and light spectrum development in the second version of the ETC Lustr+V2, Karel Perneel choose ETC and FACE to deliver a cost friendly PAR-like solution.

A touch of Lime

ETC’s ColourSource PAR CE became the fixture of choice. This fixture, with added Lime green LEDs, gave Karel Perneel a perfect dimmmable fixture with full spectrum colors as well as calibrated studio white light at an interesting price. This makes the fixture a true pleasure to work with in any television studio.

In Control

The studio is used to capture Ketnet’s “Kingsize” show, but is also used for occasional larger live emissions. To handle this double setup, the VRT designed a simple but versatile and redundant control system, with the help of GrandMA2 OnPC.

In “small studio crew mode” the studio is simply controlled through a midi control pad where the director chooses between a selection of basic studio settings, flash bumps and custom effects. This runs through any GrandMA2 software session terminal connected to the MA2 OnPC Node4 in various studio control rooms.

In “full crew mode” a MAC Mini, Elo touch, OnPC Command wing and Fader wing provide the light operator an ergonomic, direct accessible and flexible interface at an affordable price. Great value for money!

Light design: Karel Perneel

Studio Setting design: Nele Ceustermans

Light operator: Frederik Heerinckx

Project Manager Light Systems and Rigging: Bruno Peysmans