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On November 13, K’s Choice played their ‘Backpack Sessions’ theatre tour in De Singer in Rijkevorsel. For these ‘Backpack Sessions’ they play a great combination of old and new songs, supplemented by beautiful and unexpected covers. Jan Van Eyck, light technician of K’s Choice created a warm atmosphere using ETC ColorSource PARs.

K’s Choice is a Belgian band formed by siblings Gert (vocals, guitar and keyboard) and Sarah Bettens (vocals, guitar). They are accompanied by Reinout Swinnen for keyboards. The ‘Backpack Sessions’ which includes a great combination of old and new songs as well as beautiful and unexpected covers is touring till the end of January 2016.

K’s Choice wanted to create a warm and intimate atmosphere for these ‘Backpack Sessions’. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to represent this atmosphere. Jan Van Eyck, light technician of K’s Choice succeeded wonderfully well in doing so, using ETC ColorSource LED PARs.

ETC ColorSource LED PAR uses a proportionate recipe of red, green, blue, lime and an extra dash of red to expand the ColorSource PAR’s color range, giving richness only possible from ETC LED luminaires. This luminaire outputs bright, beautiful light, is easy to use – with or without a lighting desk – and lives up to ETC's high standards for quality. The ETC ColorSource PAR is because of its quality of build and light a very affordable wash fixture.

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Photos by Dorien Goetschalckx