How virtual production is redefining the filmmaking process

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Business Reporter: The Future of film

Distributed with The Economist, disguise covered how virtual production is redefining the filmmaking process.

Download the report to learn more about why the demand for virtual production has been growing exponentially and how it can help minimize the amount of time, money and uncertainty of conventional post-production.

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Virtual production has exploded in popularity due to a demand for incredibly high-quality film and TV production, at a fraction of the time and cost. With the rise of large-scale production companies such as Netflix and Amazon, audiences are spoiled for choice while filmmakers face the challenge of delivering visually stunning productions at a rate unimaginable in pre-streaming days. 

To meet this huge demand, filmmaking processes need to be reviewed. Traditional film production occurs in a linear phase: scenes are storyboarded, actors are filmed on set, location or greenscreen, then visual effects teams add the finishing touches during post-production. But this is both lengthy and expensive as teams can only see and decide on the final output during post-production. 

What if these creative decisions could be brought in much earlier in the process? Virtual production enables filmmakers to render photorealistic computer-generated scenes on an LED background and interactively visualise them in real time. 

With much of this technology rooted in gaming, filmmakers can now build incredibly high-quality scenes with game engines such as Unreal Engine. Together with high-power graphics cards, camera tracking and augmented and mixed reality, these technologies marry the digital and physical world, where what you see in camera is what you get. 

disguise, a leader in extended reality, envisioned a solution where all these technologies integrate into one core workflow, breaking down barriers between creative and technical implementation. Our Extended Reality (xR) platform for virtual production takes in the real-time rendered CG content and delivers it into the physical LED space, at any scale. 

disguise xR brings everyone together – from the director to the producers and the talent on stage – enabling them to see how their scenes will progress and make creative decisions on the fly, improving content using the disguise software. 

With disguise xR, filmmakers can capture the creative magic of working together as they would with physical sets, while minimising the amount of time, money and uncertainty of conventional post-production. 


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