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Nuits des Choeurs is a two-day promenade concert at the Abbey of Villers. The remains and the garden of the abbey are a great location for a fairy-like classical concert. Triad-Orbit stands and Shure KSM8 are used at the main stage of the event.

Nuits des Choeurs was held at August 25 and 26, 2016. Six stages are located over the site of the abbey. Every choir has its own stage where they sing a piece of 20 minutes. Visitors can go around at the site and see every scene. At the end of the day, more than 100 singers will give a huge final concert combined with a great firework show. On both days Nuits des Choeurs was visited by 7000 visitors.

Scénology is a supplier of technical services for conferences, conventions, concerts, theatre and is delivering all audio and light equipment for this event. Scénology chose to work with Triad-Orbit stands at the main stage and KSM8 for small groups of singers in front of the stage.

To minimize the amount of stands on stage they used Triad-Orbit T3 stands with Dual Arm Orbital booms. Two microphones can be placed at one stand which makes the choirs more visible. The sound of all different voices can be perfectly captured with a couple of stands, without having to worry about stability.

The Shure KSM8 microphones are used for solo singers and also for “Les Polyphonies Corses”, a group of four singers. Even with more voices incoming, the KSM8 delivers unmatched control of proximity effect, presence peaks, bleed and requires minimal EQ and processing. Hugues Rogie, Account Manager Audio at FACE: “The KSM8 is a great microphone for the vocal performances of these choirs and has a nice and warm sound. The sound engineers loved to work with the KSM8 and were very pleased with the quick start and play of this fantastic microphone.“


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