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While building a new theatre venue in Tervuren, the city council wanted to choose an environmentally friendly lighting solution to be installed. Nick Janssens, project manager of community Tervuren was looking around for specific theatrical LED lighting and found the perfect fit with GDS ArcSystem.

‍Together with the engineering department, Nick Janssens went looking for a LED solution for the general light in the theatre venue. The general light needs to meet some typical theatrical requirements. The light of all fixtures need to be an equal of 3000K, they need to be equally dimmable and directly operated by the lighting console.

The ArcSystem of GDS provides to the needs of GC De Warandepoort. The ArcSystem is a range of LED auditorium lighting fixtures specifically designed for use within environments where dimming and quality of light are very important. The cultural centre did a light study in the first place, so they already partially knew the result.

They chose to work with the Arc Deco 1-Cell Pro Range with a colour temperature of 3000K and an angle of divergence of 52 degrees. For controlling ArcSystem 1-Cell, they used the D4 Driver Controls, so the entire venue can be separated in different zones per four fixtures, depending on the nodes. Some of the drivers are connected to the emergency lighting, in order to install just one system.