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What FACE and Abbey Road have in common? FACE’s Account Manager MI Retail William Beckers plays outside working hours in the band Fish on Friday. The band was invited by Alan Parsons to record a song in the Abbey Road Studios

Fish on Friday is a studio-based Progressive Rock project established by keyboard player William Beckers and Belgian producer and musician Frank Van Bogaert. In 2009 they started the project, the band augmented by Californian guitarist Marty Townsend and drummer Marcus Weymaere and in 2010 the band’s debut album “Shoot the Moon” was released. The second album “Airborne” also featured bass player Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson band, Steve Hackett band…) and after this experience Nick became a member of Fish on Friday.

The third album “Godspeed” is the one that lead the band to the Abbey Road Studios. Nick Beggs played together with Steven Wilson who knows Alan Parsons, who worked in the Abbey Road Studios. This British engineer, musician and producer was involved in the production of various significant albums, including the Beatles’ Let It Be and Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

“Nick Beggs let him listen to “Godspeed” and he liked it so much that he invited the band to record with them at Abbey Road Studio’s. Alan gives Master Class Training Sessions (MCTS) where attendees get hands-on, interactive instructions and learn the ins and outs of sound recording”, explains William. One of the bands for this master class is Fish on Friday so mid November the whole band, except for guitarist Marty Townsend, went over to London.

The band recorded for two days while master class attendees were learning from the best. Of course there were enough coffee breaks to get to know Alan and ask him questions. “Fish on Friday is the first Belgian band who worked together with Alan Parsons. And to top it all, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd came to say hello while recording. So, I don’t have to tell you that this was an experience which I’ll never forget”, concludes William.

Fish on Friday’s full line-up:

  • ‍William Beckers – Keyboards
  • ‍Nick Beggs – Stick, Bass Guitar
  • ‍Marty Townsend - Guitars (stand-in at Abbey Road Studios by John Mitchell)
  • ‍Frank Van Bogaert – Keyboards and vocals
  • ‍Marcus Weymaere – Drums, Percussion

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