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On September 6th and 7th, FACE organized the first edition of the FACE SEMINAR SESSIONS. With 14 topics, 16 Industry leading keynote speakers and over 200 visitors attending the first edition, the event is set to become an annual “must-attend” for Audio Visual professionals.

Training is essential

“Education” is one of FACE’s core beliefs. With this philosophy in mind, FACE has built its own FACE Academy platform, which serves dedicated training for Audio Visual Pro’s. Academy sessions include regular training sessions and seminars on essential topics in the industry, usually for smaller groups.

While these moments are a great opportunity to learn something new in a short amount of time, FACE SEMINAR SESSIONS increases the scale of the Academy, with a large event in order to bring people together and let peers share experiences and ideas.

A broad spectrum of talks

In order to bring a valuable learning experience keynotes consisted of a healthy mix of audio and lighting topics, taught by experts in the field and FACE’s in-house experts.

Topics included:

  • System Tuning vs. Mixing – by Erik Loots
  • Frequency Management – by Glenn Willems and Hugues Rogie
  • Project Management – by Steven Kemland
  • Discover dot2 – by Koen Ceulemans
  • Set, Lighting and Video Design – by Jo Pauly and Carlo Zaenen
  • Production Drawing – by Mario Hofman
  • Beam Steering – by Michal Poplawski
  • MLA Technology – by Hugues Rogie and Jeroen Willems
  • Managing Signal Levels – by Jay Porter
  • Audio and Lighting Networks – by Bart Swinnen and Fabrice Gosnet
  • Lighting Control for Festivals – by Werner Dries
  • Opera Productions – by Gerard Maraite
  • Real-time Generative Content – by Sarah Cox
  • LED & Optics – by Valère Huart-Gyors 

Some of these topics will get a sequel on the FACE Academy platform so keep an eye on face.be/academy or get notified by mail.


Bringing professionals together on a single “education focussed” event opens up a new level of learning. Rather than just “listening“, visitors can exchange ideas and opinions about the techniques and tools they use on the job every single day. Having the opportunity to sit with fellow sound technicians, lighting operators or designers allow people to find solutions for the problems they face every day.

The keynotes are a great starting point for open discussions among fellow technicians, and fuel conversations during the breaks.

A great overall experience

With education as a clear focal point, FACE SEMINAR SESSIONS also wants to enable people to connect in an informal way. Unlike a traditional tradeshow, where networking feels like working, the sessions are broken up with informal moments, during which food and drinks are served, so people can interact with each other.

After the sessions BBQ made for the perfect ending to a busy day.

Erik Loots - System Tuning vs. Mixing
Fabrice Gosnet - Audio and Lighting Networks
Michal Poplawski - Beam Steering
Jo Pauly - Set, Lighting and Video Design

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