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Commissioned by Aromazz NV, FACE realized an impressive 3D project mapping on the old facades of the historical city of Bokrijk. November 20, the installation went in premiere for the Day of Entrepreneurs, hosted by Unizo Limburg.

Painting with Light designed the projection, while FACE took care of the installation of two Digital Projection Titan Quad 20.000 AnsiLumen projectors in the event venue of Hangar 58. Through the glass back wall of Hangar 58 the projectors light up on the old city of Bokrijk.

The entire content mapping of the projections is handled by d3 Technologies’ 4x2Pro media server. Geert Custers, product specialist at FACE explains: “We took a 3D scan of the facades which were converted in millions of individual points. These single dots are then converted into a large UV MAPPING. The d3 software generates a projection specifically for this UV map. What comes out of the projectors is an image that fit’s the buildings shapes exactly.

DVI extenders were used to convert the video output to fiber and the communication between the servers and projectors also runs on a fiber network. The entire setup can be programmed and controlled from a tablet, which makes an extremely user-friendly environment. Management, control and setup are a breeze.

TV Limburg went to Hangar 58 in Bokrijk to take a look at the installation.


With the installation of this tremendous solution, the event venue of Hangar 58 now has a unique value. Next to it’s exclusive location in a historic environment, the visual experience is set to create equally beautiful memories.

The spectacular video mapping application allows event organizers to brighten up their event with a personal touch. The control software of the system is ready to handle a wide range of formats, so personalized projection ranging from a static company logo to a complete custom-made projection show on the building are now within reach.

Hardware and installation: FACE bvba

Design: Painting with Light

Programme: Visual Solutions (Jo Pauly, Micha Stroobants)

Content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)

Photo by Visual Solutions
Photo by Visual Solutions