ETC Source Four LED lights up Ikea PS 2017 Event

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GSF Sono, a Belgian rental company in sound, light and video projection equipment was tasked to light up the Ikea PS 2017 event which was held in Brussels at January 30, 2017. With ETC Source 4 LED fixtures they managed to give the experimental design lines of PS 2017 a great look.

GSF is specialized in rental equipment in sound, light and video projection. GSF loves to translate ideas and concepts into technical solutions and make an event successful with the latest technology. They already did a great job for the following clients: Open House of the European Parliament, Launch of the new Porsche 911, the Zoute Grand Prix...

In 2016, GSF invested in several ETC Source 4 LED fixtures to meet specific needs of various events. The Ikea PS 2017 event was one of these where they used the source 4 LED Lustr+ and the Source 4 LED CYC. The Source 4 LED Lustr®+ luminaire maximizes the superior mixing capabilities of the x7 Color System to offer the most flexible range of color. From high-intensity whites to soft tints and supple, vibrant colors, the Source Four Lustr+ achieves theater-worthy color rendering. You can smoothly transition from one color to another on the fly, vary the feeling of a scene, or go bold with effects. The Source Four LED Lustr+ also produces an adjustable white light that flatters any skin tone - in person or on screen.

With the Source 4 LED CYC, GSF can easily transform its Source 4 LEDs to a superior tool for lighting cycloramas, by removing the luminaire's lens barrel and attaching a Source Four LED CYC adapter. Other cyc lights only serve one function, so when a design doesn't use a cloth, the fixtures sit on a shelf and collect dust. In contrast, the Source Four LED CYC adapter can simply be removed when not required, and the Source Four LED luminaire can then be put to use in any other position, on or off stage.


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