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ColorSource consoles deliver hands-on control for modern, small-scale venues. The ColorSource consoles are available in two sizes with optional audiovisual capability.

The ColorSource consoles offer plug-and-play setup, an integrated touchscreen, and the ability to run effects, mix LED colours, control moving lights and play back cues – all with the flick of a fader. Because of the sleek and clean design, the consoles are approachable for users of all levels.

The ColorSource 20 and ColorSource 40 have both one DMX port and one USB port. The ColorSource 20 has 20 faders which control two pages of channels for a total of 40 channels and 200 playbacks. The ColorSource 40 has 40 faders which control two pages of channels for a total of 80 channels and 400 playbacks.

Contrary to the ColorSoure 20 and ColorSource 40, the ColorSource AV models have two DMX ports, two USB ports, one HDMI port for external monitor of video effects playback, an Ethernet port and a an audio input and output port.

The AV models are equipped with the VideoToy feature. You can create video effects on the fly by simply using the 7" touch-screen. Another cool feature of the AV consoles is the Amigo network remote. It's a browser-based and platform-independent tool which allows you to connect your computer to the network or use a wireless access point with a smartphone or tablet to have control.