ETC Eos v2.5 adds new playback and Direct Select tools

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ETC is introducing the new Eos v2.5 software. The new software introduces additional Direct Select controls and playback and customisation tools, allowing users to quickly access and manipulate programming targets, where you will have the possibility to create your own pallets, different types side by side as you please.

A brand new feature is added with the creation of preset lists on faders a quick and easy way to create your custom effects and cue lists. This and lots more in the new version 2.5 for Eos consoles.

Key features in Eos v2.5 include:

  • Channel/Parameter filters and Preset and IFCB Palette lists on playbacks
  • New “Masters Only” playback setting
  • Revised, customisable Direct Select workspace
  • Graphical shuttering tools
  • New channel level release flag
  • Support for MIDI note input

The update also enables the Gio @5 console, which provides the top-of-the-line convenience of motorised faders and touchscreen Direct Selects in a more compact, affordable desk.

Download the software here

ETC Eos v2.5 Supplement to Manual