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Multi purpose event location Eskapade in Kapellen recently invested in a brand new audio and lighting system. Eskapade is a multi functional event venue, located in Kapellen near Antwerp. The venue is primarily used as a location for parties, performances and local events and has a flexible character, meaning it's equally suitable to host a presentation, a concert, or a party with a DJ. With this vision in mind, the Community of Kapellen's Department of Youth, opted to upgrade their entire sound and lighting system and called upon FACE for the job.

Jeroen Willems - FACE Account manager explains: "We wanted to keep the flexibility of the venue while providing them with a great sounding system and a lighting solution which is very straightforward to operate but still powerful enough to create an attractive visual experience. With the new setup we've successfully done just that.

We selected Martin Audio's Blackline Series speakers to deliver the sound to the audience in the best possible way. The primary dance floor is covered by four F15+ Wide-bandwidth passive speakers and are accompanied by S218+ Subs in front of the stage. Additionally

Martin Audio F10+ cabinets are added at the DJ Booth and on the podium, which is often used as a VIP area.

To feed the speakers, we brought in Powersoft M Series amplifiers; an M50Q, M14D and M30D which are all controlled by an XTA DP548 management system.

The system is measured and limited by a Apex Argos/ Hera system. With the Dynamic eq of the XTA DP548 we can still make the music sound nice and dynamic within the 95dB limit.

Visually we expanded the existing lighting system, to created a more immersive experience; Both the stage and DJ Booth are brought to life by 6 Oxo 18MB LED washes.

The combination of the existing and new  fixtures allow operators to create dynamic colour effects and vary between the respectively wide and narrow beams of the fixtures.

The light setup is plugged into a new Oxo DMX splitter and for control we run Visual Production's Cuelux on a touch computer.

Cuelux has a super friendly interface, so basic users can select presets to instantly change the room's look and feel, while more advanced operators still have the freedom to create dynamic visual experiences.

Although we've swapped the venue's mobile rig, for a fixed installation, we were able to maintain the room's flexible character.

They can continue to host events of various sizes, whether it's a party, presentation, or live performance. We look forward to seeing some great events there."


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