ENJY | Prikkabelverhuur.nl presents the Lucenti Topaz , DMX controllable RGBW festoon bulb at FESTIVAK

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Since the Lucenti Topaz bulbs are engineered for the festoon market and can be used in long lines, it was a perfect addition to Enjy pikkabelverhuur.nl rental catalogue. 1.500 RGBW intelligent bulbs are now available for rent. They can be used as a stand-alone system or can be used fully DMX controllable.

Enjy Prikkabelverhuur.nl recently became one of the biggest rental companies in terrain lighting for events. By having an extended stock within this type of lighting and cables, the Dutch company is able to quickly serve the European event market like no other. They now started with the Lucenti products to have a fully DMX controllable festoon bulb that can be used with their existing garlands and cables. Enjy saw it as a big benefit to have individually addressable bulbs that use a data over power protocol and can be used indoors and outdoors. As a rental company Prikkabelverhuur is always looking for unique products to offer that are durable enough to work with on events. Feel free to contact info@prikkabelverhuur.nl to decorate your next event or production.

For more info about lucenti, visit www.lucenti.lighting or contact Fons de Vreede.


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