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Ecochem is a leading chemical company, specialized in flame-retarant products. For their new offices along the E313 in Olen, Ecochem chose to let their building "glow".

After a couple tests and shoot-outs Ayrton's Arcaline fixtures turned out to be the best solution. 4 Arcaline fixtures light up the front of the building, between the facade and the sun-screens. The building can change "moods" due to the color changing abilities of the RGBW Arcalines. For Ecochem the ecological aspect was also positive factor in opting for an LED solution. Control is managed by an ETC Mosaic Tessera Panel controller and and MA 2 Port node

Besides automation managed by the built-in "Sunrise timer" the panel allows to build a custom user-interface- making it possible for a non-technical operator to set the right mood and color. FACE conceived the entire project - from design to finished installation.


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