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PAcalculate is a new multi-lingual app which contains calculations, utilities and reference information for anyone dealing with sound reinforcement. The app is developed by Brusi Acoustics and sponsored by Powersoft.

PAcalculate contains many calculations, utilities and reference information. It is therefore a useful tool for anyone dealing with PA, sound reinforcement, sound systems, electroacoustic, pro-audio — as well as lighting. The app is available in multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and simplified Chinese).

PA related calculators include SPL, SPL addition, ceiling speaker coverage, air absorption, time to distance (and vice versa), frequency to wavelength (and vice versa) with full and half lambda options for arrays, Q factor to bandwidth conversion, dBu-dBV-Volts and cable losses (low and high impedance). For lighting, a DMX calculator as well and RGBW and CMY LED emulations are provided. All calculators provide comprehensive options as well as built-in help. Other calculators are not directly related to the industry, but will nonetheless be useful: Ohm's / Joule's Law, KVA, BPM to time and conversion of weights and measures.

In addition to calculators, pin assignment information is provided for some of the most common audio and lighting connectors. Lastly, an inclinometer utility rounds up the feature set.


Calculators for:



  • SPL, SPL addition
  • Ceiling speaker coverage
  • Air absorption
  • Time «» distance (with temperature)
  • Frequency «» wavelength (with temperature)
  • Transition distance for line arrays


  • dBu «» dBV «» V
  • Q factor «» bandwidth
  • Limiter threshold
  • Powersoft Limiter
  • Amplifier gain


  • Speaker cable, low impedance
  • Speaker cable, high impedance (70/100V)
  • DMX
  • CMY
  • Ohm's Law / Joule 's Law
Music / recording
  • BPM «» delay times
  • Multi-track recording file size «» time
  • Note on a keyboard » frequency

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