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In the beginning of 2016 the lighting technicians of CC Muze in Heusden-Zolder chose an MA Lighting dot2 XL-F. For advanced use of the lighting table, they followed a dot2 training with FACE’s lighting expert Koen Ceulemans.

CC Muze was looking for a new lighting table which is compact and easy to use. The dot2 range turned out to be a perfect fit and they chose for the dot2 XL-F, which consists of a dot2 core console and a built-in F-wing. The dot2 XL-F is a compact lighting console specifically designed for small to medium sized productions. The technicians of CC Muze love the MA concept and the dot2 feels very familiar to them. The lighting console will perform miracles for the lighting control of several concerts and theatre productions in CC Muze.

The dot2 XL-F includes the full programming section, master playback section, 14 fader playbacks and 28 individual playback buttons. Three built in touch screens and support for one external touch screen ensure the dot2 XL-F has the flexible hardware required for almost any kind of show.

During the dot2 training, the technicians of CC Muze learned how to work with dimmers, cuelists and tracking. They had a specific training on how to program for theatre and an introduction in use of colour (LED) and moving heads. After this intensive training they used their skills on dot2 for the first time for a sold out concert of Stan Van Samang.